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Meeting Florence Nightingale!

On Tuesday 28th June, Year 2 went for their much-anticipated visit to Kent Life. What fun we had! The weather set the scene for a glorious day. Both classes got to take part in two workshops. One was called ‘Meet the Animals’ where we were shown a range of real-life farm animals and given explanations on how to care of them, and what they needed to survive. We were allowed to feed sheep, alpacas and goats! We even got to stroke a very calm hen who was clearly enjoying all of the attention. Back in class, we have been developing our experience to focus on exactly what these animals need to survive and what their basic needs are.

The other workshop meant that we got to meet and listen to Florence Nightingale tell us all about her life and work. We have been busy in class, finding out about her work to reform hospitals, so it was great to hear some ideas from the lady herself. She let us ask some questions to deepen our understanding and gave us her opinions on the conditions in the hospitals before her and her nurses took on the challenge. The children were absolutely hooked on the tales being told and they even got to try their hand at bandaging injured legs and arms as well as creating a sling – just like Florence taught her nurses to. We are so lucky to have had this experience as it is helping us to write our stories back in class in even more detail.