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Pupil voice is important to us; we want our pupils to tell us what is important to us, as well as shaping the activities that we do. Our school council have had a significant say in the charities we support, as well as the focus of our Global Learning Project. Our house teams have run a number of family competitions, which usually involve upcycling, and these projects have added to our school environment as can be seen from the ‘mirrors and frames’ around the school reflecting what Miers Court means to our families, as well as the outdoor bookcases that mean that children can enjoy a book during play and lunch times.

School Council

The photograph below shows the new School Council for 2019-20. We had a democratic election, with all the classes in KS2 voting for council members for all classes in the school. We have elected positions such as: Chairperson (Kayleigh), Secretary (Mya) and Treasurer (Penny). We are very proud about being members of the School Council and we have lots of ideas for school projects over the year.

The first project we are involved in is the Clean Air Monitoring Project. The school is taking part in this project to monitor the quality of the air in the school grounds. Two tube-holders have been placed in outdoor areas of the school, one near the road and the other near the field. In November we will be sent the first tubes to place in the holders.  After that, each month we will send the tubes to the laboratory for testing and put a new set of tubes in the holders.

It’s exciting being part of the project and we will let you know more soon!

Written by Penny and Bonnie