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Outside the Classroom

We are lucky to have amazing grounds, and we work hard to make the most of these, from developing our trim trail with the help of our fantastic PTFA, to setting up a base camp which supports learning through outside activities as children take part in our ‘Wild About Miers Court’ sessions.

We work hard to include trips that add interest to our themes, but also to make the most of our local environment. We are proud of the contributions to our local food bank as part of our annual Harvest celebration, and are pleased to welcome visitors to our school. All of this enriches our pupils’ experiences.

We were extremely proud to be awarded a Gold Arts Mark, and to celebrate our entries in the Turner Contemporary art competition for schools, having been both winners and runners up in various categories.


We are committed to the Medway Mini Youth Games and have been proud to win many events, including the ‘Night of Champion’ events; we are equally proud to have been awarded many Fair Play awards. Many of our staff run and organise a range of extra-curricular events throughout the year, and we are grateful to them for the time that they give up to do this. Our Gold Sports Mark is evidence of our commitment to both curriculum and extra-curricular sports.

Music Lessons

In addition to the music curriculum, we also offer opportunities for pupils to learn how to play a range of musical instruments.  These lessons are provided by our talented team of peripatetic teachers. Currently, most of the instrument lessons are being carried out via video calling due to COVID restrictions and to keep the children and teachers safe.

Lessons offered include:

  • Keyboard
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Guitar


We have an active and talented choir who take part in many activities including:


  • The Rochester Cathedral Carol Concert in December - all local schools join together for a festive carol service
  • O2 Young Voices - 8,000 children join together to sing with a well-known artist and dance troupe, Urban Strides, to an audience of 20,000 at the O2 in London
  • March Medway Music Association Festival - The recorder orchestra and school choir and all of Year 2 all take part in this annual event at the Central Theatre in Chatham
  • Summer Concert in school - This takes place each year in June/July. The choir and some children who have had music lessons perform to parents.


Rainbow wrap around care

Our wrap around care is run by Rainbow for any pupils that may need to arrive early to school, or stay later at the end of a school day.

Breakfast Club runs from 7.15 am until school starts in the morning. Breakfast is available until 8.15 am (cereal, toast, crumpets, muffins, pancakes) and children have different activities and toys to play with. The cost for breakfast club is £5.50 per day.

After School Club starts when school finishes and is open until 6.00 pm. Collection times can be either: 4.00 pm, 5.00 pm or 6.00 pm. The cost for each is either £3.50, £7.00 or £11.00. Children are offered a snack when they first come in and the children that stay until 6.00 pm also have the option of tea. As with the Breakfast Club, there are a range of activities and resources to play with.

For information about spaces, please email rainbowwraparound@hotmail.com.