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Young Voices

Our rehearsals have been going really well to prepare for Young Voices 2024! Well done to all of you who have been practising. 

If you haven't already set it up, please use the link below to sign up for the Music Room:



Once you have signed up, use this link to access the Music Room:



Don't forget you can also find the songs on a Spotify playlist:



Phonetic spelling of Arirang to help you to learn the words:

A-ri-rang, a-ri-rang, a-ra-ri-yo

A-ri-rang, go-gay-ro no-mo-gan-da

Chong-chon ha-new-ren bwewl-do-man-ko

Ee-ney-ga-say-men soo-shim-do-man-ta


Rehearsal details

Songs to practice for next rehearsal:

Arirang - Try to learn the Korean words. 

In The Mood - First two verses


Songs we have already learnt:

Walking Medley - Whole medley

Matilda Medley - Whole medley

Moana Mashup - Whole medley

Today is Gonna be a Great Day - Whole song

River Deep, Mountain High

The Moment