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Health and Wellbeing

At Miers Court Primary School, we recognise and value the importance of the health and wellbeing of our entire community. This page has been created to let you know about the support available in school and to signpost to other support available in the local community or through national charities and organisations. Miers Court are not affiliated with the charities and organisations below, and all links are shared in good faith.

Wellbeing and Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) at Miers Court

Health and Wellbeing Newsletters

We will be issuing Health and Wellbeing Newsletters three times a year in Terms 1, 3 and 5.




Whole school approach to SEMH

If you think your child needs additional support with their emotional wellbeing, please speak to the class teacher in the first instance. If appropriate, this will be passed onto the AEN Lead in the school and the pastoral team will be in touch to discuss further. Please see the document below for more information about how SEMH is managed in school.


Zones of Regulation

We are introducing Zones of Regulation to Miers Court. Please have a look at the parents guide below for more information.


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

We are very lucky here at Miers Court to have two qualified ELSAs, with another member of staff in the process of training. All members of the ELSA Network have undertaken specialist training from the Educational Psychology Service and have direct access to the Educational Psychologists (EPs) should they need further advice. The role of the ELSA is to support children who are having difficulty in expressing and managing their emotions. They can support with recognising emotions; self-esteem; social and friendship skills; anger management; worries; and loss and bereavement. It is important to remember that they cannot wave a magic wand and fix everything. Class teachers will refer to the AEN Lead any child they consider requiring this support.



Place2Be is a children's mental health charity providing support to schools and parents.  They have developed practical tips for parents to support their child's mental health and wellbeing, as well as behaviour.  Each topic, from building listening skills for parents to understanding sibling rivalry, is either a short 2 minute video or a 4-7 minute read.

Place2Be - Parenting Advice from Child Mental Health Experts


Five tips on how to handle the after-school 'meltdown'

We sometimes hear from parents that children struggle at home after a long day at school.  Here are some top tips on how to handle an after-school meltdown.

Five tips on how to handle the after-school 'meltdown'


Why I am Rude

Pupils from Swavesey Primary School and Swavesey Village College have put together a performance of the poem 'Why I am Rude' by Sarah Dillon.

Behaviours that can be perceived as rudeness by both other children and adults can often be a defence mechanism, influenced by trauma, attachment or adverse childhood experiences which have impacted the child's view of themselves and others around them.  This is their way of communicating their pain.

This is a powerful video.

Why I am Rude

Mental Health Support for Children

Here are some useful websites that can support children with their mental health and wellbeing.


Kooth (for over 10s)

Kent Resilience Hub


The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families have produced this leaflet with useful tips on how to talk to your children about mental health.



Also from Anna Freud NCCF, this animation is designed to help begin conversations about mental health in the classrooms and beyond.



Have you got a child who is 2, 3 or 4? Are you concerned about anxiety?


A guide to mental health and where to find help during Covid-19

Mental Health Support for Adults

Here are some useful websites that can support parents and the wider family with their mental health and wellbeing.

Family Lives

Kent Resilience Hub

Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce can be a very difficult time for parents and children.  We have created an information sheet that can help support you through this, with links to websites, books to read and possible resources.

Please get in touch with your class teacher in the first instance if you would like further support from the Pastoral Team.



Loss and Bereavement

Loss and bereavement can be a very traumatic time in children and adults' lives.  Here at Miers Court we aim to support families during this period.  If you would like to speak to someone for support with grief, please contact your child's teacher in the first instance.  Someone from the Pastoral Team will be in touch as soon as possible.

The following websites may also help.




There is also a wonderful app that you can also download, recommended by Child Bereavement UK, called Apart of Me, which helps children to understand and make sense of their feelings.


Healthy Living

Active Lifestyle

Want to become more active as a family? Active Families Medway can help support this.

Healthy Eating

We all know how important it is for our children to eat healthily, so we've been asked to share this leaflet with you and hope you will find it helpful.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is essential for brain function but at any given time up to 40% of adults and 50% of children (this rises to 80% with a SEND diagnosis) have difficulties with their sleep.  Yet in a recent survey, almost 60% of adults felt there was a lack of support for sleep issues.  The National Sleep Helpline has been launched in collaboration with Furniture Village and The Sleep Charity to ensure that everyone has access to support.  Please see the attached flyer and poster for more information.

Community Hubs Information

Strengthening Minds Ltd. in Manchester, United Kingdom - Hiring Now | JOB  TODAY

"Hi, I'm Steve Daniels, founder of Strengthening Minds. At Strengthening Minds, our ethos is simple – help young people grow – and we continue to do just that on a daily basis. We offer young people across the country the chance to make positive changes to their lives. Through our list of personal development programmes, we can reach young people who find the school environment a tough challenge."

Strengthening Minds UK C.I.C is a community interest company with a passion to ensure that the communities in which they serve are full of opportunities that will help residents to thrive. They are a team of dedicated and committed staff, volunteers and residents, working hard to create an environment that is accessible and impactful for all that attend.

Strengthening Minds UK C.I.C provides a wide range of initiatives to support the emotional wellbeing of residents throughout the communities in which they work. Their collaborative approach enables them to work closely with partners to ensure effective and impactful services are provided. The work they carry out has no age limit, and they are committed to ensuring impactful services are implemented to meet the needs of the community as a whole. 

Strengthening Minds are now working with the charity, Baby Basics Kent to provide baby essentials for families in need across Kent. All items requested can be collected from one of the community hubs but you will need a referral from a professional working with the family. If you feel you would like some assistance, please contact Mrs Bedford via the school office - 01634 388943 or office@mcps.school

Signposting for Additional Support

Useful Links
Medway Food Partnership

Please see details of free food support in Medway.

Free Food Support

Cost of Living Support

With rising costs for energy bills and food prices, we thought it might be helpful to signpost people to support that could be available to you.