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BBC Earth Experience

Year 4 took an exciting trip to London to visit the BBC Earth Experience and it was an absolutely fantastic day! The children spent the day learning more about the seven continents of our planet, and why looking after our world is so important.

The immersive experience felt like we were actually there, and it was narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough! We were even able to explore ocean life, bug life, and a creepy crawly room! We had such an amazing time.

“I really liked when we when into the ocean life section and used the interactive displays, and we made bubbles and lights come up on the screen as we moved.” – Ivy.

“I thought it was a really fun day, especially when we went on the balcony at the top that looked over all of the screens, and you could see everything.” – Joseph.

“When I went into the scary insects area I was chosen to press the button and a spider came on the screen! It was the best day ever! My favourite part was when the world turned to another continent.” – Katie.

“We all loved the school trip. I’m definitely going there again! My favourite part was the micro life with the red button. When I walked in my mind was blown with all the animals that were on the screen.” – Ellie S.