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There was a wonderful buzz throughout the school, as Book Week came to Miers Court this term. Watching the children engage with books in so many different ways was a real pleasure, and the school is now beautifully decorated by reading-inspired creations. Colourful hats are now proudly on display on the library, and the main corridor is now awash with ‘Wild’ themed artwork as our class contributions flow together to retell the story. ‘Wild’ by  Annette Demetriou and Dawn White gives a gentle glimpse into gang mentality through the eyes of two young brothers Wolfie and Wilfie, and deals with themes of peer pressure to follow and join in with unruly behaviour, aiming to open up conversations and help children realise that they don't have to follow the pack, give them the confidence to do the right thing and ultimately, stay true to who they really are. This year, pupils from every year group engaged with the book in their own ways, and it was wonderful to see the whole school come together to around one central theme.

In between, there are garlands of fantastic artwork from each class and wall displays full of yet more book-based inspiration. Further activities involved a Book Swap, an opportunity for pupils in Year 6 to read with children in Year 1, and a whole school parade to show off everyone’s Book Day costumes. There were some fantastic costumes this year, from pupils to staff alike!

Year 6 even had the opportunity to take part in a live lesson with Michael Morpurgo. The children are currently reading his book, ‘Friend or Foe’, and it was really exciting to hear about his work! He talked about his book “The Butterfly Lion” and how important it is to look after our ecosystems. It linked perfectly with Miers Court’s theme of “Wild”!

A huge thank you also to all our families for supporting our sponsored read. The total amount raised so far is in excess of £700 which, when ‘topped up’ by Usborne, means that we stand to receive over £1000 of free books for the school!