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Young Voices 2024

"On the 15th of January the Miers Court choir travelled to the O2 Arena and joined 8,537 children to become the Young Voices 2024 choir. This was the most rousing singing festival we’ve experienced. We had learnt over ten different songs (without the words) and learnt lots of funky dance moves.

Guest artists included: MC Grammar, who makes educational songs fun and memorable, Nandi Bushell - a 13 year old drummer, who performed at the Queen’s Jubilee and Nathalie Williams a well-known jazz singer. One of the best and buoyant performances we saw were the Urban Striders. Conducted by a man named Andy, the Urban Striders are a dancing whose dance skills consist hip hop and street dance.

Before the performance, we rehearsed and practiced all the songs and learnt two new songs called Extraordinary and Fix you. After we had our tea, it was time for the performance.

The lights came down and the parents came to enjoy what we had been practicing for months.

This experience was absolutely insane! Anyone who is passionate about singing will love Young Voices."

- Rajni and Venus