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Crisp Packet Project Update

We are really pleased to report that, during June, we filled four large bags with crisp packets!  We want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the Global Gang, who are making sure that the crisp packets are collected in and cleaned before being taken to the main recycling point in the school. The second lot of crisp packets have now been delivered to our local recycling hub on St. Mary’s Island.

Gina, who runs the local hub, is amazed at the effort we are all putting into the project and sends her thanks. Since our last delivery (in April) the hub has sent out the following (all made from recycled crisp packets):

11 survival bags (including a blanket)  750 crisp packets
30 blankets 1320 crisp packets
15 dog beds approx 600 crisp packets
2 bivy bags approx 300 crisp packets

These were delivered to three different homeless organisations, two in Medway and one in Surrey. Without your support we would not be able to supply these organisations with the items to give out to the service users in their communities.


It’s really exciting to know that OUR crisp packets have been used to help vulnerable people in our community, and beyond.

Please continue to put your empty crisp packets in your year group bin at lunchtimes – and remember, you can bring in your empty, clean crisp packets from home, too.

School Council