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Welcome to Year 1!

In Year 1, we have two classes: Hummingbird Class & Skylark Class.

Please click on the links below to see what we have been up to lately in Hummingbird & Skylark Class.

Social Story

Each year, we create a Social Story for our individual year groups. The aim of the Social Story is to help children become accustomed to their change in environment as they progress upwards through the school. It outlines how their classroom will look, who their teachers are, and how the school day may look. Our Year 1 social story can be found here:


The second column.


Our Learning

Our Wonderful World

We explored our beautiful school grounds and thought about how wonderful our world is.



At the start of year 1 we learn to build our writing skills using story sentences. We love to learn the actions which go with the sentences before we write!

 Leaf Man

Year 1 really enjoyed reading the book Leaf Man. We thought about new places that he could travel and wrote our own pages for the book! Here are some of our own Leaf Men. 


We really enjoyed exploring the changes in nature through Autumn. We used our senses to create a poem all about Autumn. We loved listening to crispy leaves crunching, feeling hard conkers, tasting sweet hot chocolate and toffee apples, and smelling and feeling pumpkins! 


We love our reading areas in year 1. We display the book that we are reading and share our thoughts about it.

Look who arrived! 

Eddie and Eric the elves arrived in the classrooms on December the 1st! We absolutely love seeing what they get up to... here’s Eddie exploring some of our books. 

To infinity and beyond!

Wow! What a great start to our new topic, To Infinity and Beyond. Year 1 have really caught the space bug and have impressed us all with their amazing homework projects. We are currently making some wonderful displays in our classrooms and wanted to say a huge thank you to the pupils and parents for all of their hard work. Already, we have learned all about Apollo 2 and how rockets launch into space. We have laughed as we learned about the day in the life of an astronaut, especially when we found that they have to strap themselves on to the toilet. This is just the beginning of our great space adventure!


Space Poems

Here are some examples of the amazing space poems the children in year 1 have been writing!


Census Day!

Well done to Esmée who found the golden ticket under her plate during Census day lunch. We can't wait to hear about the recipes you try from your new cook book!


Useful Links

Below, you can find a number of useful links to help support your child's learning:

Useful Links

Here are some phonic websites for you to try. Please try to practise your phonemes as often as possible. Year 1 children should be looking at phase 3 and 5 phonemes. 

Year 1 News